• TVGuardian filters out foul language from TV shows, videos and DVD's automatically.
  • TVGuardian is easy to install.
  • TVGuardian is a wise investment for your family.

I've compared TVGuardian to other filtering products. Call me and I'll tell you why TVGuardian is the best unit available.

Here's what some of my customers are saying...

A friend told us about TVGuardian and we were thrilled to hear of this great invention. I was skeptical that it would actually work. We received the product and hooked it up to our surround sound. The installation was easy and fast and the result fantastic.  Whenever bad language is said, it simply mutes it out. You can enjoy your television, while still maintaining high moral values.  Marty, "TVGman", was so helpful.  We had many questions before deciding to make the investment.  He always emailed us back within 24 hours. I had to make one phone call to him, and he returned my call the same business day.  He is kind and efficient. Our experience with TVGuardian from research, to order, to installation, to use has been A++!  We would highly recommend it to anyone.   
Allen and Melody H.

We love our TVG.  We have 4 children from ages 6 to 15, and we love to watch
movies.  We know that our kids are exposed to foul language everyday at public schools; however, we are now able to keep profanity from entering the nurturing refuge of our home.
Scott and Priscilla J.

We have really appreciated having TVGuardian when watching movies with our three daughters. TVGuardian has opened up a lot more options for our family movie nights.
Linda V. 

30-day money-back guarantee.
One-year warranty on parts and labor.

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